Friday, March 24, 2017


The sky was blue as we rounded the curves, inching up the Malibu Hills. Max and I were up front. He was listening to the newly recorded Itsari, relaxed that his dream was now a reality. Dana, Zyon and Igor were jamming in the back seat. It was a relaxing drive, an exciting time. There was no reason for despair. None of us knew, or could even imagine the horrors stretched out in the future. For me, it was one blessed day out of the one year that I had 7 living children. If we could only turn back time...

Indigo Ranch Recording Studio had her arms open, waiting for us. It was a historic day, but none of us knew. Max was about to start tracking the vocals for ROOTS. Max, Dana and Zyon went directly to the vocal booth, while I tucked a sleeping Igor in the corner, in his carseat. Our moods were uplifted, electric, hopeful.

The three guys got headphones and I manned the video camera. Even young Zyon was full of anticipation! Come join us now, for that magical moment. You can hear Dana's necklaces, echoing a tribal chant as he grooved with Max and Zyon, as the first lyrics were laced into the music. Let's time travel to a dark vocal booth that also vanished, thanks to calamity. Let's return to ROOTS!!

Class dismissed.......