Friday, July 11, 2014


In 1994, Sepultura was on tour with Pantera in the US. The tour was selling out and the shows were rocking with Chaos Ad. The soccer World Cup games were running parallel to the tour and the guys were clamoring to see them whenever they got a chance.

As we neared the west coast, one of the guys in the band was able to hook us all up with tickets to the match in LA!!! We could barely restrain ourselves from jumping up and down and shrieking!! The timing was perfect and we calculated that we could go to the game and still make the show on time.

Me and Max walking to the game


Walking to the entrance was as much fun as the game! People celebrating and partying all the way up the path! Luscious aromas of food floating around our noses and drumbeats hammering through our ears!! We had all the kids with Igor since he wasn't even a thought at the time! I even scheduled plastic surgery appointments for the next week to remove the grins from our faces!
Richie, Rox, Jason, and Zyon in the stroller.
Whitney Houston sang the Star Spangled Banner at the opening! What a treat to be gifted with her amazing vocal chords! We all had Brazilian yellow jerseys on; unity everywhere!

Italy was creamed in the end and it bolstered our moods even more!! What a perfect day! We all returned to the stage with the everlasting Winner's Grin on our mugs! A raging show; yellow jerseys all around and a packed stadium..who could ask for more? I hate to think what would have happened if Brazil had lost...
Dana, Me, and Max

Class dismissed...