Thursday, July 3, 2014


Everyone who knows the story of Max, knows the Sepultura 'S' logo......the spikey, tribal design that was created in Brasil in 1990, and represents the band's mark. What you didn't know was that I am the first female to ever have that tatted on my flesh! I was almost the first person in the world, but Andreas beat me by a couple minutes.

Max decided to get a giant back tattoo and get the tribal 'S' also. He asked Mike Roper to do the honors and brand his baby's name on him for life. We all knew Mike and had already gotten quite a bit of work done by him. I had my dragon wrapping my forearm, and a lotus blossom rising above it. One day, Mike would also do the Max heart on my chest, which was a Valentine gift to Max from me. In fact, recently, I heard Mike is the number 1 tattoo artist in the world for Japanese artwork done outside of Japan! He certainly deserves that honor!!

Mike came to my home at 3015 E. Corrine Rd. in Phoenix, and aided by his assistant, Mike, laid out his instruments for chiseling. They set up on the wicker table that one day Max would write Nailbomb lyrics at! Keep in mind, in 1990 there were no babies crawling at our feet named Zyon or Igor; there was no record called Chaos Ad, there were no Roots. There was Beneath the Remains beginning to Arise and the Primitive Phoenix rising wasn't even a dream!

Hours later, after many cassettes had ripped the covering off our eardrums, the masterpiece was done! The brand complete...the son with the Father. All was normal...

Class dismissed early for the explosive weekend...