Friday, November 16, 2012

The Flotz

        The entrance of the "Flotz" gave the Bootleggers street creed.  They were well known and had a strong following.  Jason was enthusiastic and a great leader.  "Flotz till Death" was the only ring in our ears!
        One day, we got our first phone call from someone outside of Phoenix.  The vice president of Metal Blade Records, Bill Metoyer, left a voice mail on our phone that he was interested in bringing Lizzy Borden into Phoenix.  I called him back, barely able to speak from excitement. 

        He couldn't work out Lizzy Borden, but did send a band called Omen.  We were thrilled!  Our first band that actually had a record deal was about to storm our shore!

        Our favorite regulars, a new band called Pedifile and my friend, Jason Rainey's band, Sacred Reich, were our support for The Big Event...
        Sacred Reich instantly had a good following.  Jason had hung around the bar for awhile - he and his fake ID were joined at the hip.  One day, he walked up to the end of the bar and said quietly "I have a band."  I was like "What!"  I booked them instantly and began another friendship that would circle the globe.  Metal History was burning in our veins and we didn't even know it...