Friday, November 9, 2012

A Place To Call Home...

     The buzz in Phoenix was growing like the tide, slowly, evenly.  Bands were coming in each day and our calendar was full.  The regulars drifted off, except for a couple of diehards who stayed to watch all the action.  They would drink at the bar and just soak it all up and smile.

     Jason Newsted came in one day to book his band, Flotsem and Jetsam.  I had heard about them from some of the kids hanging out at the bar.  Jason played me my first thrash record, Metallica, Kill em All. I was blown away by the energy and the speed.

     We booked all the bands who came in.  Metal was underground, a brotherhood, a family.  It was all speed metal or glam, and they were both accepted.  It was all just Metal.  They were all selling shirts and slinging cassette demos.  Spikes, spandex and tall hair...and don't forget the black!!

     The bar had 2 rooms, a dining room and bar area separated by a wall with 2 entrances.  We decided to knock windows out in the wall to allow the bar to watch the bands.  It made the 2 rooms into one eye of the storm!  The capacity was 350 and believe me- the place raged with head bangers.

     The best was one day Paul realized we were just "Denny's with a band!".  We had a restaurant license along with a liquor license so we were allowed to have minors in the dining room.  With his realization, we unknowingly launched the first all ages scene in Phoenix.

     Our people finally had their own home...