Friday, January 26, 2018


Nov. 14 and 15th, 1992. couldn't come fast enough! Max and I were super excited because we were going to see the reunion of Ozzy Osbourne, on stage with Black Sabbath!! It was the first time in 13 years that he would perform with them, and we were all super pumped for it! We even brought all the family out for the big event!

We had just finished the Ozzy Osbourne, and Alice in Chains' tour...62 raging shows!! It was a blast hanging out with the Alice in Chains' guys. Layne was a frequent guest on our bus. I guess I can tell you a The Layne first came on the bus, the first thing he said was "so which one of you is doin' the manager?" Max and I gulped and cracked up. Basically I was sitting there, 5 months prego with a little Z.... That was the start of many nights and days of laughter!

As the Costa Mesa show drew near, we were so tremendously excited!! We couldn't believe we would get to witness this event, much less support it on stage. Of course Max and Co.s' set was blistering madness, but the best was yet to come! When the Oz Man walked out, raised his arms and had that damn white fringed shirt on, it was like a stick of dynamite blasting around us! Everyone went into a frenzy. The cool thing was, the crew let our kids sit on the front of the stage at stage right!! The best seat in the house!! Check it out here!! Good times!

Ozzy sang 4 tracks with them and the great and and powerful Rob Halford maestro-ed the rest of the Black Sabbath set. Ozzy performed Black Sabbath, Fairies Wear Boots,Iron Man and Paranoid. He also played his full Ozzy Osbourne set! Our kids chased the band members around backstage later! I didn't stop them!

Class dismissed..