Friday, July 29, 2016

1996......ROOTS!!! WATCH THEM FREAK!!!!!!

In the first half of the 90's, fans would often have the opportunity to meet the bands they worshipped, at instores, autograph sessions, organized by record stores in conjunction with record labels. Besides meeting your idols, you could pick up the newest releases and be part of something exciting! Waiting in line for the day gave you some seniority! It provided you with time to meet people like yourself and swap your fishing stories.

We went to our share of in stores! Why, one in Mexico City had over 4000 people and lasted 8 hours! With many gifts of bottles of tequila, the last hour was brutally fun! In London once, Roadrunner Records rented a double decker red bus as our limo!!

Instores, concerts and traveling filled most of our days. The one problem at the time was the sweep of alternative music. Fans switched their black shirts out for flannel! The transformation was so fast, bands could barely stand their own ground! Even a label person remarked to me that the Roots record was too Metal for the times!

We will now celebrate the great time of Metal history with the Return to Roots Tour, which is heading out soon! If you can locate that old Roots cd or vinyl, bring it with you if you plan on attending the meet and greet later!! 20 years flew by! The kids grew up...Soulfly was born. Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed lined up for creation, and the grandkids appeared asking for old Metal shirts!! The world never stops turning....

Class dismissed.......