Friday, September 18, 2015


We were all very pumped to learn that Sepultura had gotten a show at the Warfield, in San Francisco, in the early 1990's. Damn, talk about some amazing rock history! The theater had been around since 1922, but was used as a location for plays and vaudeville, mainly. In 1979, Bill Graham Presents booked the 2 week run of Bob Dylan dates, and the place has been rocking ever since!

Making faces :P

Day sheet...

On the bus getting ready for the day.

They say "everyone" has played the Warfield. I guess you could agree, since everyone from Charlie Chaplin to the Shaolin Monks, to the Clash to the Grateful Dead, who had the honor of being the house band, until Jerry's death, has given it all on the stage! Well, now, enter the '90's and Sepultura and the invasion of Metal!!! Oh and let's not forget the 20 dressing rooms!!!

Max slamming an espresso before the show

Class dismissed....