Friday, July 17, 2015


With festivals, summer club shows and school out, I see many more children at the shows, this time of year. Don't forget their ears are pure, freshly built and sensitive! We always took care with our kid's ears. Having tinnitus myself and knowing a zillion others in the music business, who do, I strongly recommend you take this advice seriously! Yeah, they don't want ear gear, but it's necessary!

Zyon by the bus window

When Zyon was about6 months old or so, he began touring with us on the Chaos AD world tour. I recall one time in Scandinavia, when Zyon was being held by my dear friend, Biffen, I had to fish orange colored ear plugs out of Z's ears. They were forever popping from his ears into his mouth. Someone in our family went to KMART and bought 'shooter's headphones.' They didn't have all the fancy headphones like today. These were strictly, to the point. He adapted quickly and we used those until he was 4-5, and then moved him into earplugs.

Igor with headphones on
When Igor was born, we were authorities on ear gear and trained him from the start with the headphones. We got Igor his own pair, since Zyon had still been using his and they were signed by Chino. At a festival in Belgium, the kids were all on stage and someone shot photos of them all together with headphones and earplugs reppin'. In the following weeks, Igor made an appearance on the cover of the Belgium TV Guide! An ear specialist had seen the photos and made an article warning people about the dangers of loud music, and that we were good examples of parents.

Now the kids are older and we have proper earplugs, made for musicians. We use Clear Tone In Ear Monitors and Earplugs. They protect our hearing from loud, raging decibels and still let us understand what people are saying.

Most of us start out life with badass hearing. Give your mini me headdbangers a shot at having good hearing and head banging well into their old age!!! Metal it up!!
Class dismissed......