Friday, March 27, 2015


We were all very excited to return to Indigo Ranch Studios after the Root's recording session had made a great friendship with Richard, Ross and the crew that worked the studio. It was difficult to transition into another band, not difficult, more like apprehensive, actually! It made sense Max would want to maestro at a studio he was attached to.

Richard Kaplan (white beard)

Richard had a stockpile of new and vintage gear piled up in one room and the choices were sweet! Out side, there were fruit trees and lush greenery. If you took a short walk, you could see down the mountains all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

I was very happy also. We had Zyon and Igor with us, the older kids were traveling back and forth and I was beginning to get a grip on the tragedies of 1996.

yours truly...
Max set up a mini alter in the vocal booth, which was customary for him. Time to focus on the release of his stored up aggression and have a spiritual spot to turn to when faith needed an outlet. The rest of the guys were staying in a wooden A-frame cabin that was adjacent to the studio. Richard Kaplan and his hospitable wife, Julie, lived in a trailer just above the studio. Their original home had been burnt in the Malibu fires some time before. We all had our private spots to chill out in.

We even hired caterers to cook for us, because it was too far to go for a food run. We had great meals all day and new friends!
The recording began and the notes became imprinted on big spools of analog tapes! Ross was at the helm, Richard and Co. at the board and the band in the various rooms.



Ross directing Roy

Max had many ideas for special guest's collaborating. He had magic in his notebook and music throbbing in his brain. Every day, he became more confidant, more powerful. He had a message to convey about his life and his mission. This was a new found freedom that surprised him. It gave him courage to step forward. He became the person he had always wanted to be!

Class dismissed.......