Friday, November 28, 2014


As you know, we take our holidays seriously around this house. Thanksgiving is a 3 day event..not counting the leftover days....of shopping, preparing and baking. This year, the All Stars' Tour got postponed and we were blessed to be home on Thanksgiving. It's been a few years since we were here eating turkey with the family.

I know I have some chefs out there who ask about our menu, so I thought I would open our home to you! This year, I planned mushroom soup, coleslaw, a Waldorf Salad, mashed russet potatoes, sweetened jams, corn on the cob, green beans within bacon, old fashioned stuffing, a garlic leg of lamb, a honey soaked ham and a giant 23 pound turkey. I make everything from scratch. Some sweet Hawaiian rolls soaked up the turkey gravy, which saturated our plates. In the evening I made Paula Dean's mac and cheese. Damn it's the best mac and cheese recipe around...none of those dry bread crumbs!!

I would like to say thanks to all my Students!! Thank you for moshing on in each week and enjoying the tales. Also, a big thanks to the Tribe which seeped into every country...even the boundary around the Middle East couldn't stop us! The Forbidden Fire is everywhere now! Thank you for having my back, for loving Max, for accepting the Maximum Cavalera package, for being one...Stay True, Stay Metal!!!

Class dismissed......