Friday, October 3, 2014


Some years back, after Max and I got kidnapped in never heard? Thats another story... Anyway, we had been on a difficult schedule. Starting over, with nothing at all in our ballpark, wasn't easy. No contract. no band name, no band, no music, no crew...nothing. He barely even had gear, other than a few items he had used on the Roots tour. But..we had each other and our family and that is where we found strength. Max wrote and created and I got on the phone and made a plan. A couple years later, we were on our way with Soulfly.

It wasn't easy juggling the family and work. It took every minute and in between, I was a part-time detective, solving Dana's death. We needed to re-group and what better place than Jamaica!!!!
We found a small beach home that was for rent and grabbed it up. Lots of open air bedrooms, a private beach, even our own island!! We didn't expect it to be as nice as it was like the cherry on top of a big oozy sundae..

We didn't realize we were walking into a dream! A butler, maids, chefs, gardeners, a fully spiced crib at our disposal!! Breakfast, lunch and dinner each at its own outdoor location, each an event, being served our meals like royalty! We weren't accustomed to this treatment! In the afternoon, we would pile into the van and cruise the island. We visited Bob Marley's home (9 miles), his mausoleum, Trenchtown, the Bob Marley Museum, all corners of Jamaica. We even drove through the mystical Fern Gully! In Trenchtown, some on-the-street-dude put his fingers in the air like a gun and acted like he was shooting Max...fitting.
Breakfast time!

Zyon, and Igor

We even met Peter Tosh's Mom at her home when we visited Peter's grave. Mom was just chilling outside. Some dude there asked Max why he only had one queen.

Me, Mama Tosh, and Max

The only mishap was a runaway jet ski with 2 young boys on it. It actually drove right over the kayak Max and little Igor were floating in! If Igor hadn't been tiny and laid down in the seat space, he would be an angel today. It's all fun and games till someone looses an eye...
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Max and Igor sleeping after the wreck

Saying good bye to everyone was rough. Max and I went with our friend to check out his land up on a hill. It is there that Max will write a masterpiece one day...when the time is just right... In a little house meant for music, with people whose hearts are still raw and oblivious to the politics of music.....all in good time...

Mark, Bunny and his daughter  
Me, Bunny and kids in the bush. 

Class dismissed....