Friday, June 20, 2014


     Morning Students!!  After the drama of the last couple classes, I have decided to give you all a break from the excitement of candid discussion and chill a bit on the suspense.  Let’s talk tattoos….

     It must have been 1992, I don’t think Zyon was born yet….  We were on tour in Europe with Sepultura and the agent gave us a week off in the middle because the tour was quite long.   Everyone scattered with the wind; some flew home, some stayed with the bus; Max and I chose to jump on an all-night train and head to Munich for a few days exploration.  Our lighting designer, Christian Rapp, lived in Munich and  promised us a good time.

Max and Christian

     We drank a bit too much on the train and spent the first day sleeping off the vodka and the tour cobwebs.  The next day was adventure day, and we cruised around Munich, exploring the city squares and even made the journey to Neushcwanstein Castle, in the mountains.  They say Disneyland Castle is modeled after it, and I must agree. Tall, slender towers, painted walls, giant decorative rooms…the castle was an artistic salad!  Always a link to sadness, though, isn’t there?  The man of the house had apparently gotten depressed and one day, he simply walked out into the lake and drowned himself….  Such a shame to never complete his creation…
Gary aka "The Butcher"

      The next day, quite early, Christian took us to a local tattoo artist for some new ink.  We didn’t quite expect to be there all day, but as the hours ticked away, we knew we were there for the full ride.  Max chose a Celtic design on his calf.  A couple hours later, it was in full view.  Me?  I was a bit more challenging and asked the artist, Gary, aka The Butcher, to create a design for my leg.  8 hours later, I ended up with a futuristic fish-hook on my inner left leg!  Who ever heard of an 8 needle outline??  “It must have a frame,” he kept insisting!

     The next morning when I woke up, my leg was so swollen that every time I stood up, the blood rushing through my leg set off a burning sensation that made me lay back down!  So much for any further exploration! It was winter out and now I could only wear shorts…  When we arrived back at the bus, and Andreas saw my tattoo, he said “20 years from now, we will understand that tattoo!”  Well, it has been 22 and I still don’t get it…..

Class dismissed……