Friday, April 11, 2014


During the Nailbomb recording, Max found a photo of a parade in the streets of Haiti. The people were wearing masks with horns and the photo was black and white. He wanted to use this pic for the Nailbomb record but changed his mind and went with the lady with the gun to her head.

The photographer who took the parade shot was a man named Gary Monroe, who lived in the US. Max discovered that Gary had made a book about the down-side of Disneyland--kids crying, parents pissed off, etc--and also visited Haiti often, combining compelling emotions in his work there. It intrigued Max so much, he brought Gary into the Sepul fold.
Tintern Abbey

Gary and the guys

Paulo and Max




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When the record went to the final mastering, we embarked on the longest photo shoot in Sepul history. 8 hours driving, hiking and marching around hills, valleys, woods, and ruins. I carried Zyon everywhere and the Dr Martins were very much appreciated by me that day.

Gary had planned the locations and taught us a bit of history along the way. I never knew the Romans had made it up to the Uk, but Gary showed us their footsteps...ruins and ancient columns. It was a long day with many jokes cracked but in the end it was all useful shizzle. It marked the ages. It stored that magic time for the Tribe. It became our history. And for a time, it was Camelot...
Zyon and Max

Zyon and Iggor

Paulo, Zyon and Andreas

Class dismissed.....