Friday, March 21, 2014


One minute we were all laughing and loving at our wedding!! 12 hours later, we were all crying and tense. Did all the 6's in a row curse our family? Did we laugh at the warnings, the coincidences? Because of the upcoming Sepultura recording schedule, there was only one weekend to have our wedding. 6-6-93 was our wedding date. 6:00pm was the time of the wedding. Our friend, Eddie, pointed out that the wedding was at 6-6-9 minus 3=6...6-6-6. We laughed and shrugged it off. Party as planned.
The phone woke me in the morning at the hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Max Cavalera snuggled up for the first night of the rest of their lives, jolted awake by the phone. I looked at the time..6:00am. Christina's nervous voice startled me. "Mom I have a big problem." The baby didn't feel right; something was wrong. I asked my brother Paul to take her to emergency and we would head to the hospital immediately.
I walked into the hospital and hours later, helped deliver my first grandchild. Adam died in the hospital from a doctor's bad call. How could this be happening? The world was spinning around me. Instead of welcoming my sweet heir, I had to arrange a funeral. A tiny, delicate funeral was in our stars.
Christina, Alex, and Baba
Only a few days passed and Max, baby Zyon and I flew to Wales to begin the next recording with Sepultura and Andy Wallace. We arranged for all the kids, Christina and Alex also, to join us. Maybe it would break this depression! It didn't feel right but hope was our companion, for lack of another solution.
Sepultura had considered working with Garth Richardson, who had just done the Rage Against the Machine record. He came to Phoenix to meet everyone. Bob Rock was also interested but he looked so much like a surfer and we didn't really want to be associated with Bon Jovi, that it made us all laugh! In the end, it was legendary Andy Wallace who travelled to Phoenix for rehearsals. He sat in the jampad and made notes on each track. This impressed all of us! He suggested we record in Wales at Rockfield Studios. The place was such a legend, how could we resist?
Me arriving at the studio

This was the first record Max had written music for using a 4-track machine at home. He made tapes which he took to the jam pad to show the guys. Refuse, Resist, Propaganda and parts of Territory were all birthed in this manner. Some months before, on an Australian tour, Max called Andreas to our room and asked him to write with him in this new manner. Max played him an instrumental he had just written. Andreas was very quiet and somber. "We don't write like this," he commented and left the room. "Yes, I do," Max replied to deaf ears. The instrumental was to become Soulfly I, but of course, we never realized this at the time.
Andreas and Iggor moving in


Rockfield was like a compound out in the Welsh countryside. A courtyard surrounded by ancient brick walls...little rooms enclosed, all in a row. Max and I took a 2 level, one bedroom apartment. It was the exact room Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant and Ozzy had all stayed in when they created their masterpieces. We were all speechless from amazement! They brought us a little baby bed for Zyon and we placed it under the bedroom skylight. We all settled in.
Andreas livin' large!

Baby Z
The catering was frikken great! What can I say? Traditional English food three times a day. The team of cooks were all fantastic women who worked morning to night, serving us delectables from the cookbooks of the UK!! Fresh cafeterias of coffee with English breakfast, English cheeses and meats for lunch and steamy hot slabs of English lamb or cottage pie for dinner. This was the rockstar life!! We were sampling it all!! Rockers need energy!!
Me and baby Z

Catering ladies
The first morning came and the guys started getting their tones. Andy's excitement and professionalism was infecting each of us. This was gonna be sick!! The first release on Epic Records was also the first record with high expectations to shatter the Metal world. There were a few internal problems beginning, Max and I could feel it. We chose to push our concerns away...surely we were wrong. How could anyone be unhappy about small ridiculous points when everything was so perfect??
Studio time


Max and Andy

You will find out…
Next week...recording is a locomotive running free!!

Class dismissed....