Thursday, February 27, 2014


                When the Seps hit the stage, the crowd bolted the volume to 10! The soccer stadium floor was like an ocean sloshing!  The pit went crazy waiting for the local heroes!  The seats sweeping around the top weren't full when the band started but it didn’t slow down the enthusiasm!  The crowd knew whom the show was for...



Max walking out

Photogs and Max

Dana taking photos

                There was no time to conceal energy!  Long hair blowing from head banging, jumping and guitar riffing shot like bullets from the stage.  The connection was solid, unbroken, fan to artist.  The time flew by and in an instant, it was over.  Success was infecting us all.

                The dressing room began to take the stress that was dripping off everyone.  Laughter replaced silent waiting, moods lightened up.  It was done and it was done great!  Someone came in and reported the band on next had gotten booed off the stage; mercilessly the crowd threw objects and demanded the stage to be returned to Sepultura!

Pedro and Silvio

Pedro and Silvio in a cooler

Pedro, Max and Iggor goofing off
                 We got a request to repair the dressing room, which had gotten trashed.  No problem, this was easy.  Next up, the party!  We all went and tried to get into the Rock and Rio Party at a local nightclub.  We waited in the restless queue.  When I turned around, Billy Idol was directly in back of me!  We all decided it would take forever to get into the club, so we made plans to meet Faith No More at a local restaurant for dinner and then rage at their hotel later.  We were a bit naughty to be honest, after the pinga hit, but that secret shall stay hidden for a time more...

Iggor and Mike Patton 
Christina and friend

    Shortly before we boarded our flights home, the Samba School in Rio, that organizes the giant world famous Carnival Parade, contacted Christina and me and asked if we would be the special attractions that year and ride on the float!!  Apparently, our hair was dyed the colors of the Samba School, and they wanted us to shake what we got in the parade.  If only we hadn't boarded that plane to the next tour...

Class dismissed...