Friday, November 8, 2013


How many times I saw those tour buses cruise by...dropping some celebrity off..... bulleting past our little putt-putt cars on the highway. I never thought I would one day feel at home on one of those night liners!

The first bus I ever had was a beat up Model 10 from Nashville. It came complete with a tiny hillbilly driver. The first thing he told Sacred Reich and me was "no grabassing on the bus!" We shot quizzical looks at each other; what the hell was he talking about? The bus blew up 90 miles outside Phoenix, 1 1/2 hours after we left on tour, and we found ourselves stuck in Flagstaff. Another Model 10 came to our rescue. The last I remember, it made it through the tour, but the AC broke entering the desert from California. As we happened to peer out the microwave window, the Space Shuttle flew over us and landed in front of our eyes!!

There are many rules on the bus. Throw your garbage away. Don't leave socks laying around or they go in the garbage. Or any clothes laying around, for that matter. Never ever go number 2 on the bus!!! That is the main rule! I have been on many poo-ed in buses that end up broken, plugged and phewed, from unsuspecting guests and secret bomb droppers leaving their territory. This is a big no-no. If you are invited on a bus, I suggest you keep your poo to yourself or risk becoming the next joke!

Some buses have kitchens, some have showers and some have real bedrooms in the back. I have traveled on all types. Willie Nelson took me on a tour of his bus and it was decked out cowboy style! He had a bedroom with a beautiful woolen horse blanket, a compact computer room and a nice front lounge. It smelled like country..and something else...

For many years, to raise our children and stay a close family, Max and I got our own Family Bus. It was costly, but the rewards of raising our children from an arm's length and not on a telephone from the other side of the world, was priceless. That time with your family, when the children are young, can never be gotten back if you miss it. It was very important to us.
Red Carbus

Check out the photos of the bus we are on now. We have a bus company, Taylor Tours, in America and Red Car, in Germany, and they are family now. We have our 'home on wheels' in Europe and North America. It feels good piling on the bus, lugging your tour shizzle you can't leave home without! We have the same bunks each tour. In Europe, I even have a private office in the double decker!

Come inside, and see for yourself!

Class dismissed....