Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throw and Go 101

Many new bands have asked how to make a show when they are cruising through their tour and have days off. Days off mean no income and spending money, which can seriously eat into your budget...especially if you go partying!! These spontaneous gigs are known as Throw and Goes...pull up, throw the gear on stage, play the shizzle out of it and head back out the door. The term also refers to gigs where you pull up late for any number of reasons and have little time to set up. Recently, our Maximum Cavalera Tour had 2 days off in a row. We pulled off a gig at the last's how to do it!

Traveling on a tour bus and 2 days off means you need to find someplace to plug the bus in so your bus stock of food stays fresh, you don't use fuel and you don't get a huge-ass ticket for violating the local laws which do not permit buses running in city limits. In the rest of the world, tour buses do not have generators like in the states. They plug into special plugs which are located at most venues.
KFZ Club

Show Flier!

Empty Club

Our friend at Wizard Productions, Frank Ragusa, found us a small club in Marburg, Germany, named the KFZ Club, that would let us plug the bus in and even use their showers. This was a major score, since the club was in the center of the town, with many clubs and restaurants..even a huge castle to hike to!

The club asked if Incite and Lody Kong wanted to do a show on the second day. This was fantastic! They would charge 5 Euros at the door and the band could also use a small area in the bar, to sell merch and cds. Of course we approved this and in no time at all, the club made fliers and posters, and covered the town with them! Four days to promote did not frighten us! Major posting online and a city festival to pass out fliers gave us huge opportunities to spread the word.


 Tony Campos enjoying the weather...We got a Hot bus!
While we were waiting for load in to start, Frank went to a grocery store and came back with an assortment of bratwurst and beef steaks to bbq!! Throw this on some European fresh baked bread and you have a kickass lunch!
Loading In!

Fans ready to Rage!
Load in, soundcheck and setting up the merch is next for the day. People started lining up early. I must say we were all surprised with the turnout! Nearly 100 people moshing and hair windmilling completed the night!! I thought I felt a slight earthquake from the crowd when Max joined Incite for The Slaughter!! Next, a big rush to the merch booth and off the Metalheads went into the night. Us?? We loaded out, hopped on the bus and left for our next, venue...
Lody Kong!


INCITE w/ special guest Max!


Class dismissed....