Friday, January 4, 2013


1992-I was thrilled when our agent called and said Sepultura had been offered the Ministry tour. Ministry was hot and the venues were all arenas. Helmet was also on the bill, and we were all looking forward to hanging together. The launch day was the day before Thanksgiving, in Milwaukee.
I was nearly 8 months pregnant, but had only gained 15 pounds from all the activity on tour. I felt great! My little bundle was sleeping sweetly in my womb, nestled next to the sidefills; Metal lullabies swimming around him.
The tour was the official last tour of the long, 18 month Arise tour. We ended in style on this one; visitors to the show included Neil Young, Rick Okasik and Paulina, Jello Biafra, Timothy Leary, the Chili Peppers, and on and on...
Sepultura climbed back on the charts, and record sales went through the roof. It was a huge success for us. Shirts were flying out of the merch booth!!
At the San Diego show, Iggor played a prank on a tour manager who dicked us the entire tour. He drew one of his famous cartoons on a shirt and we hung it on the outside of the bus, under the windshield. We caught hell, but it was worth it!
The tour ended right before New Years. We all went home; we were ready for a break after all the world travels.
My break was short because 3 weeks later, on January 19, I gave birth to our son, Zyon. Max was happier than I had ever seen him!! Check out the photos below. You will see one taken minutes after Zyon's birth. I look a bit crazy....
Happy 2013!!! Class dismissed!