Friday, December 1, 2017


There is something different about sharing your career with your family. While Max and I have achieved this to a high degree, there are many brothers that form bands together. Some don't work out, as we all know an English band that fought like maniacs on stage, don't we? On the Soulfly Point Blank tour of North America, I got to know the Noisem brothers, Sebastien and Harley, 2 of the new generation of blooded brothers in the Metal scene...also, 2 of the badass-est people and musicians to tour with. Most young musicians have something in common and that is parents who support them and let them follow their hearts and their journeys.

Our kids have grown up in the Metal scene since they first became a flutter inside me! Richie got the kiss of Metal from Rob Halford in the office of our Metal club, the Bootleggers, years before I ever managed a band. He made his first band at the age of 4, and continues that path today, with Incite. He paved the way and I must say, for me, the School of Richie taught me very much about how I one day would raise a family and a Tribe!

Some brothers are not particularly prone to attention. and like to remain behind the scenes and take the bullet for the family. We have Jason, aka Scone...always tinkering with logic and privacy at the same time. You may see an occasional Scone sighting but the fact is, no oe can tell him and Richie apart, so they support each other throughout the day!

When Max asked me to have his child, I swear the next days in Russia, Zyon was beginning to BE!! One child on the road 24/7, would change my day for sure, and then when Igor was doubling his cells inside me, things got to where it is today...organized. I knew that I could do anything I wanted, like everyone in Life, and we wanted family and wanted careers. It all flowed together. Yes, I admit I can flop back and forth, wife to manager, mother to manager, and so forth, with great ease. It all becomes one circle. From their first band Probation to the current Lody Kong, to Z drumming for Soulfly and Igor repping Alex Newport playing Nailbomb's Pont Blank live, it all became one. thing...our normal Life.

And I cannot overlook my husband and my brother-in-law, 2 polished brothers with over 33 years in Metal together! They showed me the connection could be done and be successful all at the same time. Withstanding many curves in time, it eventually returned to the vey first day.

Now that Zyon and Igor have fulfilled their destinies and are writing a new Lody Kong. Richie is on tour with Incite and Six Feet Under and Jason is on stage with Tony, I wonder how far will it go? How many generations of brothers jamming together..that thread running through the riffs and beats...and then...I get this photo sent to me....

Class dismissed........