Friday, November 24, 2017


On Friday the day after Thanksgiving in America, Max, Iggor, me and Co. will board airplanes to Holland to begin the last run of the Return to Roots package. I want to thank the thousands of fans who came out to kick it up in the pit, sit at the bar and just watch the show. We played gigs all the way from NYC to Perth, Australia, from the freezing tundra of northern Canada to the tip of South America in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from the sunny sloes of LA to the deep ass snow in Moscow, and from rocking London to the sports hall in Bulgaria! We extended the tour a year longer than I originally planned because the fans demanded it!

The last run will see Max and Iggor's Return to Roots sharing the stage with Overkill, Insomnium and Deserted Fear. Marc Rizzo will be breaking glass with his riffing and Tony Campos will be thumping bass like the G that he is!!! Our travels will take this pack of wild men and one bossy lady across Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium, ending in London!! I will be looking for all of you in the sea of faces, spread out in front of the stage!! Don't be shy!! And maybe one day, you will hear of some special news....Return to Chaos. or Return to Arise or.....the possibilities are endless!! Time will tell... Attitude and Respect!!

Class dismissed.....