Friday, June 24, 2016


1995 was an action packed year for Max and me. He had this crazy notion to record with a tribe in Brazil. When he first mentioned it, my reply was "impossible! You aren't Michael Jackson!" He laughed and said "Get on it, Glo!" For several months, I watched as he arranged each detail. He reached out to Luciano at the Brazilian office of Roadrunner Records. Luciano introduced Max to Angela Pappiani, who worked with several Brazilian tribes. Together, they became conjoined triplets and I was the buffer for Max, tying up the lose ends.

We all know the rest of the story....a fairy tale recording...the start of Max and my travels abroad recording. In our future were recordings with Serbian gypsies, a professor of Dark Ages' instruments, Russian musicians with mandolins, street folk in Istanbul, on and on, into the folds of the earth, as we ventured to find new ideas! But it all started with the Xavantes' and their circle dance!

Fast forward to 2016 and here we are. The brothers. Their Roots. Their childhood vining into the future. The beginnings of Sepultura. The raw power that came from living in their country. It all evolved and now we are on the horizon that once stretched so far ahead. And here I stand, having weathered great pain, trauma, gossip that was untrue. We are all stronger and happier now. And now we Return To Roots!!!! See you in the pit!

Class dismissed........