Friday, June 17, 2016


Summer is officially here! 120 degrees in Phoenix; kids in the pool, beaches packed, cars on the road...all in a day's fun! We normally go to Europe every summer and get our Metal on!! With an assortment of bands at my fingertips, I am always a year ahead in my mind and on paper! Tours during the fall and winter are intimate and the summer is always super populated, carpeted with moshpits and headbangers! 2011 was no different!!

We usually bring some of our family with us. When the touring band is Cavalera Conspiracy, there is more Cavaleras on the bus than you find in the phone directory! It's a family reunion of Iggor's family and ours, and that's just the way we love it! Sonisphere was always organized and reeking with good atmosphere! Let's go back in time and let lose with our Killing Inside!!!

Johny Chow is so perfect! He loves the family way also, is always professional, a magician on the bass when on stage and a partier...smokes like a chimney!! And who can forget that smile tucked into that magnificent beard!! We have watched his son, Jackson, grow. Iggor's wife, Laima, and son, Antonio, are also usually in tow, also! Often, Iggor and Laima are packing anywhere from one to five children!! No guns allowed...

Let's reminisce as we soar to Spain and the Sonisphere Festival, 2011. After all, the first Return to Roots show in Canada is in a week. Time time machine needed!! You may even see some original stage props from the old school days!!! Enjoy the summer... Winter is coming!!! We Return to Roots!!