Friday, August 3, 2018


When I met Max, I was a single Mom with children. One of the things he told me at that time was how he loved the way I cared for children the bands I managed, strangers. He told me that soon after he met me, he knew I would one day be his wife. Of course, I never thought that!! I was quite successful at the time, a workaholic with many bands, and he was unknown, outside of a small circle. I never had a crystal ball, but he did! A seer in Brazil told him he would marry a foreigner, so I guess in that respect, he was one step ahead of me.

Yes, his gift is sitting in Phoenix, but this blog is his gift too, from me, with love. Many of you know the man in the magazines, on the web, on the radio and youtube, but the real Max is not only this. He is much more than music. He is a visionary who sees what has been and what can be. He lived under military rule and oppression. He saw starvation, and homeless, parentless children, in between the adoration of fans. He saw his wife smothered with misogyny and death at every turn. He saw Metal fans accused and prejudiced. And what did he do? He stood up. He stood against tyranny. And he stood for human rights. If you want to know Max, read his lyrics. They are all personal.

Max never flinches when I hand him the phone and say "talk to this man who is dying from cancer." Or "talk to this teen who keeps getting in trouble." Or "talk to these parents whose daughter died. " Or "talk to this man who has bells palsy." And I hand him that phone often! He loves his Tribe, his family, music and God. Happy birthday, Max. Our family and our Tribe is blessed to share Life with you. Love you more than forever.