Friday, December 22, 2017


Back in the early 1990's, I was just getting jump started with my career as a manager. Yes, I started with Sacred Reich in 1986, but it took a couple years to get my Metal journey to the whirlwind it was to become. Christina and I travelled to NYC for God knows what and God knows why! I am sure it had to do with business and business was good!

I had placed my new band, Sepultura, with Universal Attractions, a booking agency located in the heart of Manhattan. Jack Bart was the owner and also managed several of the biggest R&B entertainers in the world, among them, James Brown! Jeff Allen was his right hand agent and was beginning to gather Metal acts, so I signed Sepultura with him. He was the reason Sep played in Indonesia years before Metallica or any other rock band had gone there since the mysterious death of Deep Purple's tour manager (fell down an elevator shaft!). He had great ideas and major connections. He was a huge part of my team and a person who helped me launch the Sep's to stardom! He also liked to party!

After taking in an Ozzy show, Christina and I were invited to Jack's super secret apartment near his office. Damn, what a fun time we had! We sang our hearts out cranking karaoke, listened to wild tales of James Brown, and even met Ike Turner!!! Jack eventually asked me if he could manage me! He said he would have my face splashed on every biker calendar in the world, that every talk show you can think of would want me and he would make me a star!! Hahaha I said no, as you can imagine!! I never craved attention and my path was cut already. There were enough "stars" around me anyway!!

After this hopping party, Christina and I met up with Danny Lilker, who was an old friend of ours and very tight with Christina. We moved the party to the famous, but now sadly gone, Parmount Hotel, in Times Square. We tore that place apart next!! Some times you just gotta do, what you gotta do!!!

Class dismissed.....