Friday, November 10, 2017


24 years ago, a comedy became a reality and that reality became a Punk Metal legend! Nailbomb, made from the cultivation of 3 babies and 2 musicians' who could not contain their art. The beast came to life and in 1995, played the only 2 shows the fans would ever see of Nailbomb. Talking to fans throughout the last year's Return to Roots, they made me realize how special it was to hear Max singing the entire records in his vast catalog. Since Soulfly will be entering the studio in January, 2018, I wanted to get them together and solid, before going into the studio. They had already toured Archangel, Roots was widely accepted, why not give the Tribe what they want? Nailbomb, the rarest gem in Max's crown..the protest record that stood timeless on its lone mountain in the range of all things Metal. And so it was, Point Blank in your face!

The bill varied a bit as it started out with Cannibus Corpse, Noisem and Lody Kong and eventually evolved into Harm's Way as main support. Cannibis carried another way and Harm's Way slid in. The first date started on October 6 in San Diego. The bands played daily until October 30-31. For the days off, we hung in Sarasota, Florida with Igor's finance, Aggy Fleshgrinder and her family. They are Argentinian so we knew we were in for a treat!! Great BBQ, grilling, laughter, beer and LOTS of hugs!

Typically on tour you b]visit with a lot of different personalities, labels, press, musicians and friends. 30 years on the road have given us some solid friendships! Monte Conner, Billy Milano, Dave Chavarri, The Sword, Jose Mangine, and Paul Booth were just a few of the bros who got fired up with some World of Shit!

And let's not forget Max, Zyon and me visiting Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions...Max's obsession with American football brought his feet to the turf of the Detroit Lions' stadium! He walked through their locker room, sat in the private lounges, stood at the press conference podium and walked on the field!! He even stuck his head in Matthew Stafford's locker!!! Walking through the tunnel where the players walk out to the me chills still, just thinking about it.

The set was the record in its entirety! From Wasting Away to Sick Life, it's a dream come true to see this set every damn night!! I get excited just writing about it!! It's a kick in the ass, a smack across your face, a hammer to the skull!!

There will be one more leg coming up and I will take this package to a freezing part of North America...where Return to Roots never went...where Soulfly will carry Point can all guess...

Class dismissed.....