Friday, June 3, 2016


Some years back, we took Zyon and Igor on tour with us, as we left for Europe to play with Black Sabbath. Summer vacation from school....why not?

I admit that some of the Black Sabbath crowds didn't really "get" Soulfly, but the Tribe who piled in early did! The shows were gas!!! Listening to the Black Sabbath set each night was like a dream, to be honest. The clarity of their music, the tightness that can only be brpught on by years of was surreal!

There was more than just music and concerts on the tour. Family feeling, unity, great venues and delish catering... Sharon, Gloria, and their team know how to throw a party!! You are treated human, you aren't told not to look at them or speak to them, like some of the important Hot Shots in Their Own Minds demand! Black Sabbath is in the catering room, sharing their meal time with you. You are equal and not just a squashed tomato on the road. It's brilliant! Real people!

This photo of the boys with Bill Ward is exactly when he had just given Zyon the MOMENT OF TRUTH talk. I will never forget the trance I went into, when he started talking about some of the greatest musicians of all time... Ginger Baker, Stevie Winwood, Cream, to name a few! He told Zyon to learn from everyone, to never stop learning. To stand with the greats one day! Excuse me, Students, while I catch my breath.... As the Mom of a drummer son, it was a heavy moment.

Zyon and Igor were a bit speechless meeting Tony Iommi. They had spent quite a bit of time with Ozzy and Sharon on Ozzfests and some private gatherings, so they were always super comfortable around all the Osbournes, but Tony was a different matter! They had never met him and they were just at the age of learning what our lives are.

And now they know.... Enjoy the summer!

Class dismissed.....