Friday, January 18, 2013

January 19th, 1993

Pregnant with Zyon

We were rushing to the hospital.  Max grabbed his bag – video camera, photo camera, mic, and DAT machine!  Was this a recording or was I about to give birth. ?

knew one thing, this dude was going to rock; this little creature was going to be Metal!  He was brewed in it, and there was no way out.

No, Max didn’t faint, and yes he did record.  Who knows what pile the tape is in now?  Which box in the archive is that moment buried?

When I looked in those big eyes, framed by a perfect mop of brown hair, I knew his future.  Zyon Graziano Cavalera was here. 

Max, Myself, and baby Z
This little rocker was going to stick like glue.  He was on every tour Max and I did with the Seps.  Every video shoot, every meeting at a label.  Was he a mascot?  Maybe.  He was super chill, and smiled through it all.  You wouldn’t catch Zyon screaming at you on an airplane!
Andreas , Zyon, and Myself

w/ Phil Anselmo

At the age of about 3 months Zyon began repeating what we thought was a riff – do, do, dah over and over.  This music love bonded Zyon with Dana, and they jammed for hours.  We thought Zyon would be a front man, but after a couple years, we noticed he was all about drums. 
w/ Mike Patton
w/ Dave Grohl

He sat at the feet of Uncle Iggor, Roy Mayorga, and Joe Nunez, and the ultimate drummer, Bill Ward. When Zyon was a young teen, he was with Soulfly in Europe on a Black Sabbath tour.  Watching from the backstage, Zyon was chest drumming to the mighty Sabbath.  Bills wife walked up to Zyon, and said “you’re the next Bill Ward.  When I met Bill, he was drumming on his chest like you.”  The next show Zyon was on the stage, getting the lesson of his life.  At the end of the tour, we said bye to Sabs, and Bill gave Zyon a talk I will never forget.  He spoke of his youth, how he would pay attention to the great drummers of his time, Ginger Baker, for example.  It gave me chills at the time. 

You all know the rest – from Moldbreakers to Lody Kong, and guest drumming for Soulfly…..
Young Zyon
 Z 2012

Class dismissed.